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Fashion Design

I grew up experimenting with fashion, sewing, and playing with clothing. Fashion has taught me to think through shapes, form, color, and texture. Here are some examples of my recent works in fashion design.


This piece was created with over 1,000 zip-ties, up-cycled jersey, and neoprene textiles. I created this piece as an experimental texture exploration.


The idea behind this set was to show the textile options for made-to-order garments. I created the corset bodice and wide leg pants out of felt, that then acted as a green screen.


This corseted sheer gown was created for a special event. The idea was to play with opacity and mixing mesh textiles with organza.


This garment was created as my entrance piece into Parsons Paris. The inspiration was a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon. It felt appropriate for the transitional and transformative time in my life. The piece was created with organza, crepe de chine, and faux leather.


These garments are all examples of the exploratory nature of my design style. Working with unusual materials and mediums has been a central part of my process. Paper, cardboard, crafting felt, and even duct tape are all materials I've worked with. The final gold and black dress was created for a scholarship contest put on by the Duck Brand Duct Tape. I won top prize with over 20,000 votes, and received a 10,000 dollar college fund.

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