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Graphic Arts

As an art direction student, thinking graphically has always been an important part of my process. Here is a collection of designs and digital imagery I've created.

Glass Water Bottle Mockup.png
Glass Water Bottle Mockup2.png

This graphic design project was a logo and packaging re-design proposal for Aqua Monaco, a luxury German water company. Their original packaging really pops, so I wanted to take the packaging into a more minimal and spa-like feel.


This graphic design project was a poster design for a theoretical exhibition on the iconic designer David Carson. I wanted to stay true to Carson's design style, both for its uniqueness, and to allow the viewer to get a glimpse of what to expect.


The Pasta People was a theoretical brand design project. The idea was the reflect the shape of the product in the graphic aspect itself. The colors are representative of the ingredients used in the product.

This is a sample of pages from my year 2 final group project. The assignment was to curate an edition of "A Magazine Curated by" from the perspective of a brand. My group chose Enfants Riches Deprimes, a streetwear brand with a punk attitude.

Dining room_edited.jpg

3D modeling is something I have started learning this past year. These particular designs  show a moody, deep, and monochromatic dining design.


Dynamic aspects of imagery have always been an interest to me. Combining my still photography with gifs and moving images  is something I experiment with often. 

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